With great power comes great responsibility and together we can do something wonderful.

We’re happy to present our growing team of young superheroes. We use everything within our reach to keep each other focused and inspired. These guys below are our creative explorers and creators.

Meet the Superheroes

Director & Founder
18+ Years Experience
  • He is currently directing the TechCentrica Business in Australia. He is the real Superman. He is a man with astounding vision.

Director & Co-Founder
14+ Years Experience
  • He is the maker and main custodian of TechCentrica India. What batman is for Gotham city , Pushap is for TechCentrica.

Chief Digital Consultant
14+ Years Experience
  • Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor and probably Adesh has clasped it with his vast online marketing skills.

15+ Years Experience
  • The flow of transaction should be controlled by someone who is as fast and smart as Spiderman and can gracefully deal with strange situations like demonitisation .

Sales Manager
8+ Years Experience
  • If you are wondering to see wonder happens then take a gander at some of the intense work of our Wonder Woman. After reading her content one can only admit her work with astonishing mind.

Business Manager
8+ Years Experience

  • The most interesting character of Techcentrica who owns regenerative capabilities like Wolverine . He knows how to heal the pain of our client.

Project Manager
8+ Years Experience
  • Development is the most ingenious part of our business and to lead a specialized team you have to perform like Captain America .

Sr. Graphic Designer
8+ Years Experience
  • Graphic designing is no less than sublime magic. Playing a character of Dr. Strange is never be easy for someone having ordinary capabilities.

Sr. Digital Marketing Consultant
6+ Years Experience
  • He bears a resemblance to Loki in terms of sagacity and insight but has never been indulged in any negative and cynical part like Loki.

Sr. Online Marketing Consultant
5+ Years Experience
  • Incredible Hulk! Now you can apprehend how powerful he can be for our company. He is a marketing expert who generates leads for our clients.

Sr. Web Developer
3+ Years Experience
  • Striving against the odds to overcome his inexperience he has been the Iron Man of this company. He has great knowledge and enthusiasm for his work .