Online Reputation Management

The World is Online...

Are you aware of what your customers are saying about you? What about your ex-employees? What about your competitors? Information travels quickly across the internet. Are you listening to the online conversations about your brand? How are these conversations affecting how people view your organization?


In today’s technology driven world, one can easily do away with all kinds of negative comments and negative propaganda against one’s business online. There are online reputation management tools and tips that can be implemented to manage your online reputation especially with a strong SEO team, who has been successful in promoting your website.

TechCentrica's teams of experts work round-the-clock to successfully build, defend, shape and maintain your online reputation. They enhance the visibility and revive the online image of your website by managing consumer generated media. They help you in improving customer's satisfaction by gaining their feedback of a brand or website.

Our ORM services include:

Reputation Monitoring

  • Track you’re Reputation
  • Keyword Based Monitoring

Search Protection

  • Brand Keywords Protections
  • SE Wipeout
  • Rich Snippets

Review Management

  • Online Feedback
  • Integrated Review Solution
  • Offsite Review

Damage Repair

  • Dialogue Control
  • Negative Review Replacement
  • Microsite Decoy Sites

Branding On Social Media

  • Channel Management
  • Community Development
  • Social Post

Prevention is better than Cure

Online Reputation Management combines marketing and public relations with search engine marketing. Visibility and high rankings for good publicity are the ultimate goals, which will in turn push bad publicity down the search engine listings and out of public view. Statistics show that the general public rarely views more than two pages of search engine results for any search.

We, at TechCentrica, with our Online Reputation Management services, ensure high rankings and indexing in the search engines for all positive associated web sites and corporate communications. The result is an increase in your overall positive web presence, which will help you own the top spots of the search engine rankings for your brand. Online Reputation Management enables you to protect and manage your reputation by becoming actively involved in the outcome of search engine results by creating online assets - assets that are owned and controlled by you.

Online Reputation Management FAQ's

Online reputation management (ORM) is the practice of crafting strategies that shape or influence the public perception of an organization, individual or other entity on the Internet. It helps drive public opinion about a business and its products and services.
But in practical terms, it’s anything about you that appears in Google search or your app store results.

If negative links show up, it is important to push them off the first page. A good reputation shows you are professional and sincere in your field, and this translates into acquiring more business–resulting in more site traffic and more sales. A bad link could lower down the clients and prospects.

Because the Internet is the new sensation, and people don’t ask for references, they just head to Google. Probably the first thing which usually pops up in mind is to conduct a Google search. Something negative out there can damage your life and business quickly. So ORM is necessary to enhance your positivity at online platform.

It depends on where the problem area is, how big of an issue it is, and what the objective is. Completely changing the Google search results does take time because there are many details that go into changing what Google sees as vast array in the results.

Google doesn’t change the search results very quickly anymore, we used to be able to completely fluctuate the search results in 3 months, then we had to change that to 6 months, and now it takes around 9 months to make a significant impact on Google search results. We see many significant changes along the way since Google has been making a lot of modification in its algorithm over the years.