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TechCentrica’s Englighting Punters

Showing its sovereignty, TechCentrica hooks up with its number of big clients to execute its best for them. The projects are successfully completed with full power & responsibility, with a team of experts. A lot more to come...

TechCentrica enhances Tramadol’s online sales

With TechCentrica, Tramadol aims at achieving its most apparent and effective concerns of facilitating essential pharmaceutical products to all its customers. This became apparent with all the necessary e-commerce facilitation brought across its entire website, which has been improved and upgraded with the application of latest technological theories and infrastructure.

TechCentrica was exact and appropriate in its approach for dealing with Tamradol, and it speaks volumes about the planning that we extend for our clients. All of such things was only made possible through every individual requirement, and agreeing upon them on both sides. The eventual result of this was the full-fledged business model of Tamradol getting the online treatment through which their sales revenue has the greater potential of undergoing growth like never before. Moreover, one final additional point is that the content for the website targeting their audiences was also brought forth by TechCentrica.