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TechCentrica’s Englighting Punters

Showing its sovereignty, TechCentrica hooks up with its number of big clients to execute its best for them. The projects are successfully completed with full power & responsibility, with a team of experts. A lot more to come...

TechCentrica brings & reinforces RezoanInterio’s stock in the online

RezoanInterio, one of the most accomplished and successful interior designing company out there, has truly experienced the fruits of the best partnerships with TechCentrica. We consider ourselves humbled just not with accomplishing the tasks, but also in terms of challenges and blockades that we had to overcome.

With their portfolio of expertise all over the place, the company needed a single point source where the majority of clients may filter in. They also wanted that their business model got further augmented with technological additions, which has been handily accomplished by us. The brand new website has the true potential for RezoanInterio to achieve even greater successes by the way of effective digital marketing. This has the potential for making their designer all the world over, and the continued efforts that the partnership has brought forth will keep everything running upon the online side of its most concerted efforts.